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I run a small advertising company and need to manage many clients simultaneously, so I always had no time to look after my promotion videos on YouTube. I handed over this task to SMM Hut after trusting them, the views I got on my videos made me go awestruck. Now they handle all my social media accounts. Love the unprecedented results and Thank You.

- Naomi Scott

Buy Youtube Views

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Engage well with a broader audience

Ever watched some video and felt astonished how they have immense number of views. Views are a number mentioned in the bottom of video.

It simply shows that this particular video has been watched number of times More the number of views, more popularity your video gain and the chances of becoming viral also increase.


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Are you really worn out of the futile promotions, marketing campaigns and waiting for months to increase the number?

The most proving grounds for promoting your videos on internet is YouTube.

You can see around how the top brands, musical sensations and others achieving immense success on it day by day.

Everyone puts so many videos on it that it has become HARD to get recognized quickly. You need to be smart and sharp enough to obtain views.

How YouTube calculate the number of views or how do YouTube views work?

When a video has large number of views that persist for merely a few seconds after clicking then the views are not counted as legal. So if someone entirely views the video then it is counted as one view. Not every view is fully played. The time span for which video is played should be above the optimum limit. Type and genre of video also plays a crucial role.

If one person is repeatedly viewing the video, it would generate 5 to 6 views a day. When the viewer is redirected from the embedded video to the YouTube is counted as one view. If video plays automatically then it is not counted as view. To increase your views buy YouTube views instantly from us.

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Why do you need to buy YouTube high retention views?

  • YouTube has nearly 1 billion unique visitors every month i.e. from different countries across the globe
  • Major traffic comes from mobile devices
  • Broader recognition of your brand
  • YouTube application come pre installed on most of the android and blackberry devices
  • Stand out of the crowd and make your video rank out of million videos

YouTube has a great potential if leveraged properly. Your videos can be viewed by thousands of viewers on its first day just and goes viral. Our clients will handle their videos and we will do the promotion part for you.

No need to worry anymore..
Everyone aims to become famous.... so aren’t you?
Just buy YouTube views real to boost your views count and get more rankings in YouTube search results page.

With buy YouTube high retention views; there are the chances that your video might get featured into trending videos.

Take an example – There are two videos in front of you one with 6k views and other with 10k views, so which one would you prefer to watch?
Obviously the later one…. Right!
That is a human nature actually.
Views are primary for every video

Video with superior number of views tend to catch more attention and buying YouTube views has become a tremendously popular way of fetching more real subscribers and boosting likes.

Some pivotal reasons to buy YouTube promotion views: Boost your authority - If you are concerned about enhancing your video views instantly, then it is quiet essential to buy views for YouTube. It is the major factors to get more people watch your videos Create Traction - High number of youtube views makes your video stand out of the crowd and create appealing impression. It opens up more doors for obtaining success

Gain fame - If you want to become a star overnight and make your dream come true. Share your talent in a best possible way with immense number of views. More views leads to more chances of popularity.

Boost rankings on search engine - Your videos can skyrocket on search engine if they already have immense number of views. Videos are ranked according to the popularity and make your way to rank on first page.

Promote your channel - If you are marketing yourself on YouTube, views will help you to stay on track and leverage from market as well. Increase ROI by strengthening the viewer’s count of your video

Earn more - Strong subscriber base means more cash in return. Monetize your videos and earn from the ads you place on it.

What are the benefits of buying YouTube views?

Perhaps if you are not yet convinced or want to find out if it is right for you or not. For quite a long time, we have become familiar with the advantages of buying high retention YouTube views.

Following are some benefits to buy real YouTube subscribers cheap:

Get a jumpstart - Buying views is the best way to upscale your videos ranking at once. Instead of starting with no or few views, isn’t it great to have 5000 to 10000 video views on youtube. Quickly propel your videos, make them popular as well as attractive to stay ahead of rivals.

Enhance social proof - Buy views to strengthen your video performance and social proof of brand. Become more reliable and trustworthy, so people become more inclined to see your video, trust what you say or buy your services.

More effective marketing - No matter how you promote your videos on various platforms, more number of views will definitely make them more effective. People more likely watch the videos that are popular; hence with us your money is spent in a better way.

Better search rankings - Having an optimum number of views will help your video rank higher on YouTube as well as in Google search results page. When the YouTube will notice the rush of viewers on video, it will place it on top.

More YouTube suggestions -Like ranking in search results, if video has more number of views then chances are YouTube will show your video in suggestions. More often your video will show up in the sidebar and in relevant videos.

Attract more views - When you once purchased views from us, you will attract more number of viewers automatically like a magnet as a result rankings will boost.

Become an authority - With immense number of views other influencers will more likely treat you as a popular figure or influencer in niche. It will help your business grow faster to make you stand as an expert.

Make more money - Consider all the benefits that are mentioned above that will be enough to make you believe why it is so crucial to buy real views for youtube. Whether you earn with any advertising network or sell products or services, views can be the best option for you.

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Why is SMMhut the best place to buy real views on youtube?

Are you still suspicious? Or thinking from where to buy YouTube views?

We provide you with the best real and active viewers. We do it quickly and go far beyond to make you emerge as the best. SMMHut provides you the best opportunity; here you can buy 100 to 1 million YouTube video views straight away. We protect your information with 100% confidentiality policy to keep your reputation intact.
Certainly, no one comes closer to this level of service and results we give. Not only we do make the whole process totally risk free, we assure with us you will get the superior quality service.
Our service lies in the best price range because we never indulge in delivering fake views to you. Anyone who is offering you this service at low cost is surely making you fool and putting your account in danger.
We have a solid reputation in the social media marketing industry.
We always ensure that your videos are watched till the end or to the minimum threshold time. Don’t worry about viewers dropping, as the viewers we provide are real and they all are generated from different IP’s.
Some more reasons to choose us over others:

  • Fast delivery
  • Real quality genuine views
  • Authentic views
  • 100% money back guarantee if not delivered what’s promised
  • Instant delivery and authenticity
  • Best amiable and dedicated customer support
  • Reasonable prices
  • Hassle free payment system
  • PayPal is accepted
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Your privacy is the major concern
  • We deliver more than you placed the order for
  • Views start pouring in 12-24 hours and continue until the order is complete

We always strive to stand by our commitment, no matter what happens. We build healthy relationships with our clients

How to buy YouTube video views real and cheap?

The accouts associated with us are 100% real as well as genuine. Views on your videos will be as authentic as they should be organically. Youtube will not sue or harm you in any way as our services are completely safe.

Let go through the process to purchase high retention real youtube views:

  • Take a deep look at our packages above and select the one that fits your budget and caters your requirement in a best way.
  • Hit BUY NOW button and place an order by filling out the asked details.
  • Proceed through checkout and relax, your order is under process.

Isn't it quite simple..?
We insist that buying YouTube likes along with YouTube views can prove very beneficial. Other than this, its also necessary to have an optimum number of dislikes on the video to make it look more natural and organic .
We value your time and money the most.
Let us be your magic wand and increase your YouTube video views count drastically.

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